MNS low voltage extractable switchgear
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MNS low voltage extractable switchgear

MNSlowvoltagepulloutswitchgear Summaryofproducts MNSlow-voltagepull-outswitchgearissuitableforAC50-60HZ,ratedoperatingvoltage660Vandbelowdistributionsystem,usedforpowergeneration,transmission,distribu
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MNS low voltage pull out switchgear
Summary of products
MNS low-voltage pull-out switchgear is suitable for AC 50-60HZ, rated operating voltage 660V and below distribution system, used for power generation, transmission, distribution, power conversion and power consumption equipment control. The device meets the national standards of IEC 60439-1, VDE 0660 500 and GB7251.1-2005 "Low Voltage Switchgear Set", and has passed the compulsory product certification of 3C.
Characteristics of products
Structural versatility, flexible assembly: 25 mm modulus C-shaped materials can meet the requirements of various structural types, protection levels and the use of the environment.
Compact design: more functional units can be accommodated in a smaller space.
Standard module design: can be composed of protection, operation, conversion, control, adjustment, measurement, indication and other standard units, users can choose and assemble according to needs.
The cabinet structure and drawer unit can be made up of more than 200 assemblies.
Safety: The separation between functional units and compartments is clear and reliable, and the fault of one unit does not affect the work of other units, so that the fault is limited to the minimum range.
High technical performance: the main parameters are up to the international level.
Compressed site: three degree is high, can greatly reduce storage and transportation of precast parts of the site.
Assembly convenience: no special complex tools are needed.
Environmental conditions for normal use
Ambient air temperature is not higher than +40 C, not less than -5 C, and the average temperature in 24h is not higher than +35 C.
Atmospheric conditions, clean air, relative humidity not exceeding 50% at the highest temperature of +40 C, and higher relative humidity allowed at lower temperatures, such as +20 C.
For 90%, temperature changes should be taken into account, and there may be occasional condensation.
The altitude is no more than 2000m.
The device is adapted to transport and store at temperatures ranging from - 25 to +55, reaching +70 within a period of time (no more than 24 hours), at these limits.
The device should not suffer any irreparable damage at temperature and should work normally under normal conditions.
If the above usage conditions can not be met, it should be settled through consultation between the user and the manufacturer.
When the device is used in offshore oil drilling and nuclear power plants, technical agreements should be signed separately.
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