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HJJF-U-4A aluminum manganese alloy busbar

Product description
HJJF-U-4A aluminium-manganese alloy busbar groove has several advantages: HJJF-U-4A aluminium-manganese alloy busbar groove conforms to the latest IEC 60439-2:2000, GB7251.2-2006 standards, product conductor (bus row) conforms to GB/T5585.2-2005 standards, is the best choice of both flexibility and reliability, is the key to the success of your project. We can provide bus products that meet any indoor installation conditions.
The innovative HJJF-U-4A aluminum manganese alloy busbar has the following characteristics:
It has high conductivity and low resistivity, and its conductivity reaches 85%.
Product installation and maintenance is convenient, vertical and horizontal can be installed.
Product shell protection level is high, intensive to IP65, air type can reach IP54.
Aluminum-Manganese alloy conductor has high strength, can reach 120-160 Mpa, yield strength (> 85%) and can lead out tapping unit at any part.
Aluminum manganese alloy conductor has excellent oxidation resistance and good corrosion resistance.
The cost of aluminum manganese alloy conductor is only about 40% of that of copper conductor.
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