GCK low voltage extractable switchgear
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GCK low voltage extractable switchgear

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GCK low-voltage switchgear is designed by Tianjin Electrical Rotation Research Institute in the early 1990s. Our company and Tianjin Electrical Rotation Research Institute signed a technology transfer agreement. It adopts the advantages of domestic low-voltage cabinets. It is a new generation of products. The product has the following characteristics:
_The product structure is a combination of work, its cabinet frame by thin steel sheet with special stamping process of the column, cross-section. All connections, doors and various mounting plates of special boxes are all fastened by screws.
The frame structure eliminates welding deformation and pressure.
_Frame shape size and spare parts shape size, hole size according to the modeling design changes, easy for engineering designers to choose.
The cabinet is divided into drawer type, fixed type and mixed type.
Parts have high versatility, strong applicability, easy and flexible extraction and no card collision. Because of the special design, the grounding contact is 5mm longer than the static contact, and the contact is close. When it is put into operation, the grounding contact contacts contact with the static contact before the main contact; when it is withdrawn, the grounding contact disengages from the main hoe. It ensures the personal safety of the operator. It has the advantages of working position, testing position and removal position.
_The front left side of the cabinet rack is the control unit room, which is divided into several compartments by using steel plates as partitions. The purpose is to isolate the circuits and ensure the expansion of line safety faults.
The protection level reaches IP40-50. The maximum current can be 6300A.
_This series of products have high segmenting ability, good dynamic and thermal stability, advanced and reasonable structure, practical electrical schemes, series, versatility, any combination of various scheme units,
A cabinet contains more circuits, saving space, beautiful appearance, high level of protection, safe and reliable, easy maintenance and other characteristics.
_GCK series of pull-out switchgear products conform to GB7251.1 "Low-voltage switchgear and control equipment set Part 1: type test and partial type test set of equipment. "
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