HJG series high voltage common box Enclosed Busbar
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HJG series high voltage common box Enclosed Busbar

HJG series high voltage common box closed bus (3-35kV/250A~5000A) is developed by our company in the late 1980s according to the market demand.
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HJG series high voltage common box closed bus (3-35kV/250A~5000A) is developed by our company in the late 1980s according to the market demand. It is widely used in power plants, steel companies, hydropower stations, thermal power stations between high-voltage distribution cabinets and generators in the transmission and distribution lines. This series of busbar from the shell production to the treatment of the bus, all manufacturing processes are the use of the best electrical control and the most scientific and reasonable technical design.
Structural performance
The shell is made of non-magnetic high-quality aluminum alloy plate. It is fully enclosed with corrosion resistance, excellent heat dissipation and grounding. Its non magnetic aluminum material can greatly reduce the eddy current heating caused by high voltage current. Its special flange design enables flexible splicing of larger busbar boxes, thus enabling busbar system design and installation to achieve the program.
Each bus bar is generally reasonably equipped with a standard overhaul hole on the upper part (also can be set on the side according to site requirements), and the overhaul personnel can operate to any position within the bus bar. The unique flanging process at the overhaul port and the demanding full flange welding technology make the bus shell protection grade up to IP54, which is installed in the usual outdoor environment without adjusting the protection grade.
The exquisite fabrication technology and reasonable structure make the surface of the bus smooth and smooth after fabrication, and meet the requirements of no water in the outdoor shell. The necessary drainage and drainage device at the bottom of the bus bar can not only effectively drain the water inside the bus bar, but also prevent the entry of dust and foreign matter.
Rational design of the internal bracket, so that each phase between the bus row has the largest electrical clearance, and fully meet the final requirements of customers. The grounding terminal at the end of each bus flange is designed so that the bus system can have a smooth grounding system after installation.
The surface of the shell is painted with glossy paint. The color can be selected according to customer requirements.
Insulation configuration
The bus conductor uses air as the insulation medium, and chooses the corresponding insulation gap according to different voltage levels. (mm)
The conductor support is insulated porcelain bottle, which can be selected according to the voltage level, bus bar specifications and customer's mechanical load requirements.
Technical parameters
1. Working rated current: 250A, 400A, 630A, 800A, 1000A, 1250A, 1600A, 2000A, 2500A, 3150A, 4000A.
5000A, 6300A
2, working frequency: 50 (60) Hz, three-phase three line
3. rated power frequency dry test withstand voltage (1 min), rated (lightning) impact withstand voltage rated working voltage, maximum working voltage. (see table below)
4. permissible temperature and temperature rise (ambient temperature 40 C)
5. bus dynamic and thermal stable current (two currents for one gear, five files).
6. busbar section configuration (copper conductor)
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