PZ30 distribution box
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PZ30 distribution box

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JXF distribution box is suitable for AC 50 (60) HZ, voltage to 690V power supply system, power or lighting distribution, suitable for industrial and mining enterprises and various civil buildings, with overload, short circuit and leakage protection. This product conforms to the standard of GB7251.3 switchboard (box).
Type meaning
Technical data
Rated working voltage 380V (690V)
Rated working voltage 50HZ (60HZ)
Rated working current 50-250A
Rated short time (1S) withstand current 6KA
Rated peak withstand current 15KA
Protection level IP20, IP30, IP40, IP54
It is suitable for the terminal circuit of single-phase three-wire or three-phase five-wire whose rated voltage is 220V or 380V and the total current of single-row load is not more than 100A. It can be used to control and distribute electric equipment and protect the overload, short circuit, leakage and overvoltage of the line. Products meet GB7251.3-2006 standards.
Structure characteristics
The box body is made of high quality steel plate bending and welding, and is treated by electrostatic spraying. The box door is a single door.
The roof of the outdoor protective power distribution box is equipped with a rainproof shed. The doors and cabinets are double folded U-shaped and embedded with adhesive tape. The protection level reaches IP54.
Use environment
The ambient temperature is not higher than +40 C, not less than -5 C, and the average temperature within 24 hours is not higher than +35 C.
The relative temperature of ambient air is not higher than 50% +40. Relative humidity can be greater at lower temperatures, but the possible condensation due to temperature variations (e.g. 90% at + 20 C) should be taken into account.
The equipment shall be installed where there is no violent vibration or shock, and where the electrical components are not corroded.
Equipment installation and ground inclination should not exceed 5 degrees.
Users can negotiate with manufacturers if there are special requirements.
Installation and use
The cabinet should be dry and clean, the operation of components should be flexible, there should be no stuck or excessive operating force.
The insulation resistance value measured by 500V Mega meter is not less than 1 MEG.
Instructions for ordering
Users should provide the following information when ordering.
A system diagram and two schematic diagram
Import and export mode of products
Surface painted color code symbols or templates.
Special requirements that are not in line with the normal use of the product.
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