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HJT copper aluminum composite busbar

Product description
Product advantage
HJT copper-aluminum composite busbar groove current carrier adopts high-grade industrial conductive pure aluminum, its conductive performance and economic performance are super advantages. HJT copper-aluminum composite busbar groove insulation material mainly uses high-efficiency insulation material - polyester film, which has good high temperature resistance (no toxic gas released at high temperature), good aging resistance, high dielectric properties, insulation grade is "B" grade, polyester film for the whole full-length package.
A hard copper cladding is formed on the whole surface of aluminum conductor by special processing technology. Its mechanical and electrical properties are equal to those of copper conductor: copper-aluminum complex.
The softer tin plating layer on the surface further enhances the oxidation resistance and power quality of the conductor.
The ultra light weight aluminum conductor will greatly reduce the cost of the product and reduce the basic investment of the project. Lighten the product's own weight and reduce installation for the majority of construction units.
Strength. The structural form can be concentrated and air type.
Features of HJT dense copper aluminum composite bus structure:
HJT series busbar grooves adopt reasonable "sandwich" phase line compact overlapping structure design, which makes busbar grooves more compact in shape and smaller in volume, enhances the dynamic and thermal stability of busbar system, makes busbar have the advantages of low impedance and low voltage, and prevents the formation of "chimney effect" of busbar groove in case of fire. It can be applied to large span installation at construction site.
HJT busbar shell configuration
The shell is made of aluminum-magnesium alloy profiles for strengthening dies or aluminum alloy monolithic profiles for dies and cold-drawn steel covers. The shell is lightweight, fully enclosed and ventilated. It not only has super high bending strength, but also has good corrosion resistance, excellent heat dissipation and grounding. The aluminum magnesium alloy shell is corrosion resistant and has a service life of more than 50 years.
Dedicated feeder interface
The feeding socket can be set conveniently, and the upper and lower sides can be set at the same time without reducing its bending strength; the minimum distance between the sockets is 450mm. The security level of feeder interface is IP54 (in line with standard IEC529). Each socket is equipped with a special opening and locking device, which can prevent dirt, dust and misoperation. The material is ABS high-efficiency engineering molded plastic.
With unique fully enclosed safety settings and built-in protective contact design, when an individual feeder box is accidentally short-circuited, the arc will only burn the built-in contact of the jack part, without affecting the normal conductivity of the main bus and other plug boxes.
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