HJN Series Refractory busbar troughs
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HJN Series Refractory busbar troughs

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HJN refractory busbar groove not only has the advantages of insulated busbar groove in electrical performance, but also has unique fire-proof performance. Its conductive material is high-quality conductive copper bars, insulation is made of mica and high-strength ceramics, busbar shell is made of double-layer insulator, and fire-proof material is used inside and outside. The busbar can operate continuously for no more than 90 minutes at ambient temperature up to 960 C. It is non-toxic, non polluting and can prevent water penetration when extinguishing fire.



Scope of application
HJN type refractory busbar groove is suitable for power transmission and distribution system with rated voltage below 690V, rated working current between 250A and 6300A and frequency between 50 and 60Hz. The series busbar is a new type of fire-resistant busbar which is designed on the basis of JNM-1 bus and combined with the actual situation in China. After years of test, trial production and industrial trial operation, its electrical, fire resistance, metal structure have reached the advanced level in China.
Structural characteristics
It has the same "sandwich" phase line as "HJN series" compact overlapping structure design, compact bus groove shape, small size, bus system has low impedance, voltage reduction, good dynamic and thermal stability advantages, no fire "chimney effect" formation is possible.
The shell is composed of cold drawing and thin steel profile mixing. The two side panels are the double hollow structure created by our company. Through the closed hollow, the high temperature gas or flame can be effectively prevented from entering the bus bar directly. The surface of bus bar shell is galvanized and sprayed with fire retardant coating (when fire occurs, the coating can rapidly expand on the bus bar surface at geometric speed to form a dense carbonized heat insulation layer. All gaps in airtight busbar enclosure. Prevent high temperature from entering the bus bar directly.
The joint adopts a special fire resistant insulation component, and the connection is reliable and convenient.
Insulation configuration
The HJN series busbar insulation supports are made of alumina high temperature ceramics and can withstand high temperatures up to 1000 degrees Celsius. Busbar copper conductor insulation is mixed with polyimide and high temperature mica tape. (Polyimide, commonly known as the gold belt, is the most advanced insulation material in the electrical industry, with good high temperature resistance and dielectric properties, dielectric strength (> 22000V), no toxic gases released at high temperature; mica tape fire-resistant temperature as high as 960-1000 (?) / 1.5 hours, referring to IEC 371-3-8, GBl 2666.6 fire-resistant characteristics test to reach a category to be. Please. )
Technical parameters
The sandwich structure is designed with a general protection grade of IP54.
Bus system can withstand 3750V power frequency withstand voltage, 1min no breakdown flashover.
When the bus system works normally with rated current, the temperature rise is not higher than 60K at the joint, 30K in the casing and 40K in the groove.
After the fire occurs, the combustion temperature rises to 960 degrees. Can still maintain normal operation.
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