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China casting parts exhibition and eighth China International Nonferrous Metals and Special Casting Exhibition

At the beginning of the 12th Five-Year Plan, the "China Foundry Parts Exhibition and the 8th China International Non-ferrous Special Exhibition
At the beginning of the 12th Five-Year Plan, the "China Foundry Parts Exhibition and the 8th China International Non-ferrous Special Exhibition" held by the China Foundry Association was very timely, which was also one of the important measures to implement the "12th Five-Year Plan" for China's foundry industry. Overview of this exhibition, although it is less than a year from the May 2010 "China International Exposition" held in Beijing, its exhibition scale is only one fifth, but this exhibition has a small and refined characteristics. The quality, variety and technical content of the products on display have been improved to a certain extent; the enterprises participating in the exhibition in the central and western regions have increased greatly, and the level of exhibits has also been greatly improved; the number and scale of the exhibition in the foundry industry cluster are also increasing, which fully demonstrates the rapid development of China's foundry industry, exhibition audience 10 Enthusiastically, exhibitors are soaring. This also proves that it is necessary to hold a small exhibition between the two-year grand exhibition, and the choice of this exhibition in Nanjing, the economically developed region of Jiangsu and Zhejiang, is also correct.
Most of the exhibitors in this year's exhibition are enterprises, old friends, new enterprises and new friends who have participated many times. There are many famous enterprises in China. They all have new friends and need new exhibits and new technologies.
After two days' visit, I feel the following points are outstanding:
In the past year, many enterprises have developed new products, focusing on technological innovation, and the situation is very commendable. For example: 1. 5 MW wind turbine castings (FN-GJS'-400-18V-lt) produced by Jixin Wind Energy Technology Co., Ltd. weigh 38 t (3 WM wind turbine number exhibited in 2010). The exquisite appearance has aroused great interest and concern of visitors at home and abroad (many visitors at home and abroad to take pictures of the casting cavity, you can see the strong interest). (2) Non-ferroalloy casting materials have been added to the exhibits of Shengquan Group, including smelting materials (dust remover, slag remover, furnace cleaner, refiner and modifier), compression flux, gravity casting material removing and the imported thermo/an iron quality intelligent control system. The system is on-line intelligent and can be measured to minimize the effectiveness of nodular agents. (3) The regeneration technology of the old sand boat on display in Xinan Casting Machine has been improved from two axes to three axes, and it has been rubbed and thrown twice, and changed to gap type on the basis of the original continuous type, which not only improves the production efficiency but also raises the output of regenerated sand. The new products exhibited by Kaihui Power include: silicon-based thermal repair materials, new materials for zircon-deuterium quartz sand high gold-bearing cast iron furnace, special castables for spheroidizing colors, long-life cupola pouring and taphole feeding for insulation furnace. _The new products developed by Zibo Daya Metal Science and Technology Co., Ltd. are low-barium mixed abrasive, which is the only manufacturer in China (c content is 0.08-0.20%). It can be used in the available shot blasting and grinding whisker city, and can save more than 50% of the shot blasting cost compared with the use of high shot blasting steel. _The HAP automatic pouring machine imported and developed by Heng Hunter has the same function as the PCF high-speed automatic pouring machine in Japan, but its price is only about 1/2 of the PCF machine. Zhengzhou ZTE has introduced a new generation of thermoplastic furan resin for steel castings, which can prevent hot cracking. The second generation of environmentally friendly cold box resin was developed for automobile castings with a market coverage of 75%. The developed functional material removal (shielding coating) was used as a sulphur penetrating coating for wind power castings. _Synthetic mullite coatings developed by Zhengzhou Xiangyu Group are suitable for wind power castings production with high wind resistance up to 1800C.
2. The casting parts exhibited in this exhibition have improved in quality and are narrowing the gap between the developed countries. In addition, with the extension of the industrial chain, some rough castings have been processed into parts. For example: The FB320-2000 slider (QT600-3) exhibited by Wuhan Wuhan Heavy Casting and Forging Co., Ltd. weighs 6.5t, requiring the second factory to finish all the processing surface, no iron berth is allowed, and its change uniformity is less than HB10. The product fills the domestic blank. (2) The traction frame of the high-speed ductile iron train exhibited by Laizhou New Zhongyue Machinery Co., Ltd. has a impact toughness greater than 13T under the condition of -50 C, and has replaced the imported one. (3) The cantilever of luxury bus's movable bridge exhibited by Henan Odei Foundry Co., Ltd. is made of ADI and its mechanical performance is 960-12.5. It has been exported to Italy in batches. (4) Wuhan Zhike Wear-Resistant Material New Technology Co., Ltd. has approved the national patent of bimetal composite wear-resistant material liner, and used the lost foam process, two kinds of metal liquids (high concentration alloy steel and high-collapsing cast iron) are casted in turn, the process is difficult. The service life of the modified material is increased by more than three times than that of the traditional wear-resistant lining board. _Wuhu Yongda Technology Co., Ltd. mass production of Chery (1.6L) engine cylinder block, its material stability, exquisite appearance, internal and external waste rate of less than 2.5%. _Cummins 3078024 marine exhaust pipe (QT450-10) produced by Xixia County Internal Combustion Engine Proximity Exhaust Co., Ltd. weighs 45 kg and has a double-deck channel. The process is complex, the internal quality of the casting is good, and the appearance is exquisite. _High-speed railway locomotive motor base (-50 cold punched ductile iron) exhibited by Zhengrong Machine The diesel engine fuselage exhibited by Shaanxi Diesel Engine Co., Ltd. (QT500-7) weighs 4.8 T and has a dimension of 3650 x 1520 x 1130 mm with 4800 resistance. Casting appearance quality is exquisite. _The high-power marine gearbox, construction machinery and heavy machinery gearbox castings produced by Zhejiang Changxing Qianjin Machinery Foundry Co., Ltd. are all very refined.